Space. The final audio frontier

Prescient™ Audio (PRESS-ē-ənt) is an American consumer and professional audio manufacturer of radically designed, high-performance loudspeaker technology. We started with a vision and transformed it into reality: the thinnest, lightest, coolest-running loudspeaker systems in the world.

At just 2.25” of mounted depth, the incredibly thin Prescient ThinDriver™ TD-12 12 “ subwoofer is the product of the most original speaker design in 90 years. It brilliantly repositions key speaker components from behind the loudspeaker to its perimeter.

The superior sound quality of the ThinDriver TD-12 is turning the industry on its ear; the product was named as an International CES Innovations 2014 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree.

ThinDriver™ Technology is now being scaled to enable development of unique products for broader markets: in the home, automotive mobile audio, and personal electronics markets and the professional music market, as well.


Audio enthusiasm is one thing, but if you truly love sound. ThinDriver technology takes your home theater experience to a whole new ThinTimate level. Learn more...


If ultimate mobile audio drives you, let ThinDriverTM loudspeakers fill your car with sound without filling your trunk Learn more...


Prescient's innovative new AudioCase™ boldly puts dynamic sound performance where it has never gone before. Learn more...


You want your concert to heat up, not your loudspeakers. So, rely on ThinDriver professional sound to stay cooler than conventional concert loudspeakers. Learn more...


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